About Us

Our Vision

There are Millions of moving and packing companies across the globe, but distinct vision sets World Vision Packers and Movers. Apart from the rest. We strive you to go beyond the generic relocation process to spread the power of expertise and optimism. World vision Packers and Movers lead the way to the future of advanced relocation, enriching lives across the globe with the most reliable and safest moving and packing services. This Vision might seem a little unexpected to the people if they are not familiar with our packing and moving services, but it is lofty yet specific.

Our Mission

There is a mission to connect with people while proposing exceptional services. This mission strengthens our desire to keep improving our end product. We aspire to create extraordinary services for every single client. This promise fires up our passion for transforming our work and implementing beneficial changes for precise services. World Vison Packers and Movers Assures you to produce value for money, outstanding quality, and instill the pride of our acquaintance. We supply a range of different and advantageous services to meet the requirements of the clients.

Our Partners

Indian Highway Cargo, World Vision Logstics and IHC Logistic P.v.t Ltd were well Established in 1995, and World Vision Packers and Movers is a collabration up of these two well known companies with having an outstanding experience of these Organizations.We are on #1 place which takes care of all moving and packing requirements. We have included a large number of well-versed vehicles in our fleet which can make the whole transportation secure. Our record and quantity of our positive reviews suggest how dedicated we are towards our clients. With worldwide shipping and running years of experiences, we have created a blend of impeccable services. World Vision Packers and Movers relocation services cover up every inch, every corner of the world. We make packing and moving a hassle-free task for you.

Satyawan Kaushik (CEO)

Mr. Satyawan Kaushik is a well-known name in the industry for over 23 years now, since he first stepped his feet in the industry. Coming from a family of professionals, with a Graduation in Arts. Today, he honors the role of a CEO at World Vision Packers and Movers and is a strong pillar for the company’s progress. He is the first-generation entrepreneur who dreamt of creating a value proof service when people shift homes. According to him, by determination and willingness to work hard and a desire to excel in everything you do, is a key attribute for a successful person and these have helped him to succeed.

Parmod Patil (National Head)

Mr. Parmod Patil is Graduated in Arts and has played a vital role in Transportation as a revolutionary concept in the industry. Having his roots connected with Transportation industry and following the company’s policy of satisfying its customers to fullest or to do everything keeping customers as it core, he incorporates his efforts to innovate something out of the box that benefits both customer and industry at same time, trucking cube is the big example of it. His unique ideas, passion to take company at new heights and vision centric on bright sunny day instead of whole dark night is responsible for the rising popularity of transportation with ease. Being a National Head, Mr. Parmod Patil is responsible for driving growth and differentiation across portfolios at World Vision Packers and Movers.